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Christmas a time for love, salvation and serving

December 25, 2018 1:10 pm

The chorus that tell the tale of Jesus filled the churches this morning, spreading the message of love and setting the tune for spiritual guidance.

The reason for this season did not fall short on Christians, as many flocked into churches this morning to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Father, Iowane Vodosiro says Christmas is not about Santa Claus, Father Christmas or having a picnic but about salvation and love.

Father Vodosiro reminded the congregation that Christmas is about unity and peace and not to be carried away with the commercialization of the season.

“As Christians it’s important to focus on the deeper meaning that is the spiritual meaning of Christmas which is about life, happiness, joy and about renewing our relationship with God and not to focus on the social and commercial side of things as we see in our world today. Christmas has been commercialized putting things like Santa Clause, Father Christmas and Christmas tress – that is fine it’s part of the social aspect of Christmas but as long as we are not swayed from the really meaning of Christmas.”

C3 Suva Senior Pastor, Ben Morrison says Christmas is about serving.

“Christ was born in a manger and he was a king that was born in the most humble ways because he was born to serve and that is what Christmas is about it’s about serving people, it’s about sharing. That is what Christ’s life was about he lived for some 30 years and he died so that mankind may have life. He served by even giving up his own life.”

Morrison is encouraging Fijians during this festive season to take up the opportunity to serve and help someone in need.

It may be a Christian holiday, but the message behind Christmas transcends all societies which is that Fijians should practice tolerance and patience not just during Christmas, but all year round.