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Change will be part of education revolution-Burchell

January 18, 2019 8:35 am

The Catholic Church has made another attempt with the Education Ministry to try and solve the issue of having persons of the catholic faith to head their schools.

The church last night organized a forum in which, the Permanent Secretary for Education Alison Burchell was invited along with other senior government officials and academics.
Participants raised their concerns regarding the matter together with the proposals put forward by the church however the Permanent Secretary for Education, maintained the Ministry’s stance.

“We have to evolve in order to make sure that our children are competitive in international market .We live as people know in the global village and in order to be able to empower our students, the future generations, we need to make sure that they have the full armory in order to go up to the world stage and education is fundamental to that .I think this world is a commonality between us so we need to find that commonalities and use those as platform to be able to move forward.”

However Leader of the Catholic Church Father Archbishop Peter Loy Chong says their concerns are with how these changes need to be holistic.

“It’s not just the materialistic or the profession or the economic development but also the human dimension of change and that human level involves the spiritual dimension and thats what I think is missing in the conversation from the Ministry of Education the absence of faith.”

The Archbishop earlier this week noted the unique culture of faith based schools and that this should be considered in their principal appointments.