Cases of glue sniffing among children in informal settlements

November 23, 2022 5:10 am

Save the Children Fiji Chief Executive Shairana Ali

Save the Children Fiji has uncovered a number of significant challenges while working in 24 informal communities in the Central division.

Chief Executive Shairana Ali says they discovered cases of glue sniffing among children as young as nine-years-old.

Ali says these cases have been identified following the implementation of a Collective Action to End Violence against Children program in twenty-four informal communities.

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“The two major ones that we are seeing at the moment, one is around drugs and substance abuse which is a real challenge and we have heard of instances where children who are quite young are sniffing glue and getting into peer pressure. The other major issue is children getting exposed to conflicts which are of a bad public nature.”

She adds various platforms have been created to assist these kids.

“So we have a kids link platform, it’s a platform that promotes and empowers children participation in policy making that concerns them but also key activities mainly around protecting their peers, promoting child rights as well so we do have this platform, we are creating child clubs in communities as well.”

The Collective Action to End Violence against Children program is targeted towards those under 18 years of age.