Cabbies faces issues with open-rank

May 3, 2022 5:30 am

Cab drivers claim that the open-rank taxi system is causing them problems. [File Photo]

Taxi operators claim they are facing issues with the open-rank taxi system.

While it’s been widely welcomed by many, some operators told FBC News that they are being chased from certain places where drivers want to hold on to their old taxi bases.

Some cabbies, including Ram Nair of Nadera, are now raising concerns about how they have been treated when picking up passengers from certain areas.

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“What’s happening is that when we pull up to certain places to pick passengers, some taxi drivers would come and block us and toot their horn loudly for us to move away.”

The Minister for Transport Faiyaz Koya has assured that relevant authorities have been trained on the smooth roll-out of this new system and how to avoid other issues.


“LTA, the police are all quite aware of it. We’ve gone through sessions with their enforcement officers to interpret the law and how it actually it’s going to be implemented. It’s not very hard.”

The open rank system will also help stamp out illegal operations as well.

The open rank system was introduced to provide equal opportunities for all operators and help them earn a little more, as Fiji recovers from the impact of COVID-19.