Business assists villages and farmers through product diversification

May 25, 2022 4:25 pm

Through the diversification of their products, Ram Sami & Sons are engaging villages and small-scale farmers.

The business now produces and markets coconut cream and premium coconut cream. The company is producing this new product on a small scale at the moment due to a challenge in coconuts supply, but they are looking at exporting this product to overseas markets.

According to Ram Sami & Sons Business Development Manager Abdul Shameer, the company has made significant progress despite stiff competition from other market players.

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“The good part about any competition is that it keeps a company or any individual on par to think outside the box. This enables us to think across any barriers that we can.”

Shameer says they rely on villages from the Tailevu areas and subsistence farmers around Viti Levu for coconut supply. He says the company is also looking to engage villages from the islands for fresh coconut supply as they are looking to launch other new products soon.

Apart from the production, distribution and marketing of farm eggs and poultry products in Fiji, Ram Sami & Sons now markets tomatoe and chillie sauce, chicken curry in cans, Wallson frozen chicken, sausages and poultry manure mesh.