Bus operators demand urgent fare hike

April 30, 2022 12:40 pm

The Suva Stand. [File Photo]

The Fiji Bus Operators Association claims operators will not be able to provide services if there is no immediate fare review.

Association spokesperson Priscilla Serevi claims the price of diesel increasing by 51 cents to $2.79 from tomorrow could ruin operators, and the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission must urgently complete its processes.

She adds the latest increase is a vast overnight hike and a major operational cost for bus operators who are unable to pass on any of these increased costs to consumers.

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Serevi claims a continued delay in finalising the bus fare increase, pushes operators towards ruin and brings closer the imminent collapse of the bus industry.

The Association says operators are ready to work with stakeholders to ensure services are not interrupted, however, serious and urgent consideration needs to be given to an immediate fare increase to enable bus companies to continue operating.

FCCC Chief Executive Joel Abraham has already confirmed a bus fare increase is likely and they’re in the final stages of assessing the cost components of bus companies before making an announcement in a few days.

Some operators are seeking a 60% increase in Stage One fares and 25% to 30% increase in the other stages.