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Bus Industry workers join Union

October 11, 2017 5:11 am

The Transport Workers Union has embarked on a recruitment drive to sign all workers employed by the bus industry.

Union general secretary, Kamlesh Kumar, says they have registered over two hundred workers in the greater Suva area and the numbers are increasing.

Kumar claims more members are joining the Union so there concerns can be heard.

He says workers are complaining about low wages and poor working conditions.

According to Kumar they had tried to recruit the bus industry workers in 2000 and made another attempt in 2013 and 2014 but received mixed response.

He says in the last six months they received good response from the workers.

However, Kumar has denied this has anything to do with the implementation of the e-ticketing system.

He says some bus companies are still not supportive of the fact that there workers are joining the Union.

“Well they certainly not and those bus companies who are not supportive and who are not giving us their recognition we are taking them to the Employment Tribunal. We’ve already had two judgements one against Tebara Transport and one against Lautoka General and despite that these two organisations are still not cooperating so we will be filing other documents as required as we think through our lawyers with the Employment Tribunal and see how far we go with that.”

The Union has arranged a meeting for all workers of the bus industry in Suva this Saturday to discuss a way forward for them.