Buildings in disrepair to undergo renovation

June 27, 2022 5:40 am

[File Photo]

With Suva becoming a hub in the Pacific, the Retailers Association is ensuring that commercial buildings that are no longer attractive are given a facelift.

While some buildings in the Capital City have been refurbished, some seem to have been untouched for years.

Suva Retailers Association President Jitesh Patel says they are now working with the City Council to make the capital city more appealing.

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“We are concerned and actually the city council is concerned as well. They have taken out a list of buildings that they think need some refurbishment or paintings and they are being approached. They are taking our help as well. Not all building owners are in the country, quite a few have migrated so getting in touch with them and making sure they do something is a hard thing as well.”

Patel says there have been some improvements.

“Last two years have been slack as well as people didn’t want to spend much but we are working with the council and approach those building owners to do work.”

With more developments happening along the Suva-Nausori corridor, the Suva Retailers Association has a daunting task to work on ways to attract people back to the capital and increase economic activity.

Questions have also been sent to Suva City Council on the state of buildings in the Capital City, who are expected to respond today.