Boarding school switches to biogas to address food security

May 25, 2022 10:31 am

St Paul’s Primary School in Naviavia, Cakaudrove has become the first boarding school in the Northern Division to invest in a biogas system to address their food security needs.

Head Teacher Lawrence Reddy says the school received a $5,000 donation from the Anglican Church for food security and they invested in a biogas system as it will address both the food supply needs for boarders as well as cooking.

The HomeBiogas system, installed by Pacific Grow, a company that specializes in innovative agriculture technology, will provide the school with free cooking gas and organic fertilizer produced from organic food waste.

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Reddy says the school currently uses firewood for cooking meals for the students.

“Whichever parents look at the children here at the hostel, they have to look for firewood, and like they have to go to the forest to bring firewood, like it was hard to buy the gas. And the fire, you know, the ladies have to blow. “

In a week’s time, the school will be switching to biogas. The system will give the school seven hours of cooking gas and 70 liters of fertilizer a day.

“We try to invest in this one so that we have food security for at least 15 years. The fertilizers from this will go to our gardens for the children staying in the hostel, and even the community will be using it. The gas will be safe compared to the gas supply because of carbon emission, and it’s very environmentally safe. “

Reddy says the school can also generate income from the organic fertilizer produced by the system by selling it to the local communities.

St Paul’s Primary School currently has 40 boarders from Years 1 to 8.

It caters to students from Keka, Vunibuabua, Nasavu, Coquru, Nawabalavu, and Naviavia.