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Biman Prasad maintains media claims

July 14, 2017 8:18 pm

The leader of the National Federation Party, Professor Biman Prasad maintains that the government’s public relations firm-QORVIS communications is meddling in local affairs, he is refusing to reveal any evidence of this.

Earlier this week, Prasad accused QORVIS of influencing local media organisations saying he had proof of this but despite this allegation being refuted by media organisations, Prasad won’t reveal any evidence yet and has also refused to name the specific media organisations he claims to have proof against.

“We do have evidence of QORVIS influencing certain media organisations in the country as to how they need to report and what angle they should take and that serious we want all media organisations to be independent and report in an unbiased and an unbalanced manner. We will produce that evidence when necessary but we have the evidence. I don’t want to name media organisations, I said certain media organisations- they know who they are.”

When asked to show evidence and name the media organisations concerned, the NFP Leader refused.

However, Communications Fiji Ltd that operates five radio stations in the country told FBC News they do not get any directives from Qorvis to pro-government stories and anti-opposition stories.

Fijian Media Association Secretary Stanley Simpson says he’s not aware of QORVIS or any politician influencing any newsroom saying media organisations should not feel intimidated by such political accusations.

It’s a huge accusation to make by Biman Prasad- one that makes a sweeping accusation against the entire media fraternity and with no evidence offered or any timeline set to reveal this evidence.