Bainimarama slams bigoted article

November 15, 2022 12:40 pm

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama [File Photo]

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is in deep concern regarding a fake article that he says is an attempt by those who have an agenda against his government.

Bainimarama says the article made horrible and false allegations of religious strife in Fiji and yet no political party has come out to criticise it.

The article is on the HinduPost, which is an online digital platform that says it aims to provide the correct perspective on issues concerning Hindu society around the world.

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In the article, it is claimed that Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is engaging in war against the Hindus in Fiji through the patronage of the Fijian government and Pakistan.

The article does not have the name of the author who penned the story, and questions sent to HinduPost remain unanswered.

Prime Minister Bainimarama has strongly condemned the article and the attempt to poison Fiji with lies.

“The Fiji I lead does not tolerate antagonism against any faith. Christians, Hindus, and Muslims are all loved, accepted and protected in Fiji, that is the character of our country, that is the security provided by our constitution.”

Bainimarama says Fijians live together, worship in peace, openly celebrate religious festivals, and work together to build the country.

The Prime Minister also raises concern about those who continue to share the fake article knowing that it is all lies.

He adds that what is even more concerning is that people in politics are not standing up for the truth.

“What is really quite sad is that no other politician has condemned this nonsense for what it is, even though they know it is a lie. Ordinary Fijians know exactly who is most responsible for the communal and religious division that nearly tore our country apart in the 1980s and 1990s. “These same people want to drag us back to the darkness.”

Bainimarama says the truth is that in Fiji today, any Fijians of any faith, any ethnicity, any gender, any province, and any physical ability—rich or poor—can rise in this country as far as their talents and ambitions can carry them.

He says that this is his promise to all Fijians and that he has seen it fulfilled during his tenure as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also promised to keep his word.

The idea of HinduPost emerged at a media conference conducted by the Hindu Media Forum (HMF) during the inaugural World Hindu Congress 2014.

It was conceptualized and launched in January 2016 by the Hindu Media Forum (HMF). HMF is a forum for elements advocating the interests of the Hindu community, both in the traditional as well as the emerging forms of media, to come together on one platform.

Its site is filled with anti-muslim articles and has rising anti-Muslim sentiments instigated by ultra-right Hindu actors.

We have also sent questions to the Indian High Commission.