Australian employers prefer recruiting from Fiji

May 12, 2022 4:20 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

Fijian seasonal workers are the most sought after by Australian employers.

Regional Workforce Management, one of Australia’s largest recruiting agencies has so far hired more than 800 locals for up to four years.

Chief Operating Officer, Kylie Henningsen says workers have been told not to let the Fijian community in Australia compromise their work.

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“We find that the Fijian workers are really excited to come and work with us, they are keen to go to work, their English is really great, a lot of Fijians with drivers licenses, but more than anything, they want to be part of the program and work in Australia and support their families.”

Permanent Secretary for Employment, Osea Cawaru says they met with RWM yesterday to iron out issues faced by our workers.

“The main issue we identified yesterday was the communication between the employers and the workers, and also between RWM with the Ministry”

The Employment Ministry will continue to strengthen its pre-departure orientation to ensure workers are thoroughly briefed on what to expect while in Australia.