Australia pledges millions for disaster mitigation efforts

September 22, 2022 4:08 pm

The Australian Government has pledged a little over $100 million towards disaster mitigation efforts in the region.

Australia’s Minister for Emergency Management, Murray Watt says $75.6 million will be set aside for phase two of the existing regional disaster risk reduction program delivered through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership, by trusted non-government organizations.

Watt adds they want to cut out all the red tape so that this funding goes directly to the region, and the majority of the total amount will be used to strengthen the already established Disaster Ready Risk Reduction project.

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“We will also finally be contributing an extra $10 million towards a very important Pacific engagement measure, which is about boosting disaster risk reduction in the Pacific as well.”

Australian Humanitarian Partnership Coordinator in Fiji, Ratu Josefa Lalabalavu is pleased with the announcement, saying it’s now time to accelerate the “walk the talk” approach towards disaster mitigation.

“So for the past 4.5 years, we’ve had the glorious opportunity of being supported by DFAT and the government of Fiji to implement disaster preparedness in Fiji through the Australian Humanitarian partnership disaster relief program. Now, we’ve got a phase two.”

Disaster Management Minister, Inia Seruiratu says the Pacific have identified their priorities and accessing climate financing is critical.

“We will benefit a lot from this conference and most importantly, have the opportunity as we’ve just had to socialize the 12 outcomes of the inaugural meeting. And of course, we look forward to the partnership who can help us in taking those outcomes forward.”

The program will work with the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure partners to support resilient infrastructure in the Pacific.

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in Brisbane, Australia ends this afternoon.