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Aussie couple facing drug charge further remanded

November 14, 2018 11:27 pm

The Australian couple who are facing drug related charges have been further remanded by the Suva High Court this morning.

Yvette and John Nikolic are alleged to have been involved in the unlawful importation of illicit drugs and ammunition in Denarau, Nadi.

Both are charged with one count each of unlawful importation of illicit drugs, being in possession of illicit drugs and failure to declare firearms and ammunition.

The couple was arrested after authorities seized 13 bricks of cocaine weighing 15 Kilograms as well as ecstasy tablets with an estimated value of between 20 and 30 million dollars from the yacht.

They also found $30,000 in undeclared currency, guns and ammunition on board.

Defense counsel, Pillay Gordon informed the court that they wrote to the Case Management Committee to expedite the case, however, the Lautoka court only has two criminal judges and they calendar is full.

Therefore, Gordon requested for a visiting judge to preside over the case, hence, the matter was transferred to the Suva High court.

The couple was due to appear before Judge Justice Daniel Goundar, however, they were travelling from Lautoka and was unable to make the 9.30 call this morning.

A trial date was intended to be set today, however, presiding Judge Goundar was not in court and Justice Vinsent Perera set another pre-trial conference date.

Gordon requested for the couple to be remanded in Lautoka as Yvette had special dietary requirements which the Suva Remand Centre could not meet and witnesses for both counsel were residing in Lautoka.

Prosecution, Yogesh Prasad didn’t object and the couple has been remanded at the Lautoka Remand Centre.

The matter will be recalled at the Suva High court on November 26th at 9.30am.