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An experience like no other says Village school teacher

February 26, 2016 12:33 am

The villagers of Silana in Dawasamu, Tailevu were left with massive destruction after severe tropical Cyclone Winston struck last Saturday.

Village school teacher Tomasi Seru told FBC news how he and his entire family managed to stay safe.

‘’The hurricane started to come and then suddenly we saw our roofs had been blown off then there’s no other choice for us we had to relocate ourselves so that’s why we moved under our house so we can take shelter. We spend about one and half hour there so I had to go back into the house and got three blankets and put it over my children and all the relatives that stayed with us and then I went into the house again I got a mat and then we put the mat on top of us at that time the people of Silana they were moving up the school we couldn’t see them because we’ve been getting down and we put the mats and blankets all over us. Then suddenly after I put the mats and blankets down I saw torches inside the classrooms so I decided to come and check so when I came into the classroom I was shocked saw all the villagers they were all inside classrooms they were soaked wet and frightened’’.

Seru stated that it was difficult for the Silana people to engage in any movement during the ordeal.

‘’It was very dangerous at that time because the roofs were flying all around and branches of trees were flying and I couldn’t believe that they could make it to the school its a miracle’’.

Sadly a women lost her life during the cyclone and many sustained injuries that needed serious attention.

‘’One lady had passed away some of them have been admitted to the hospital in Suva and some of them are still lying down here and they have been getting injections from our district nurse. I couldn’t believe it this kind of situation we are facing it might take six to seven months for them to recap’’.

The villagers were thankful to the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama,who arrived with relief supplies and manpower to assist in cleaning up of the village.