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Ammunition stash seized in NZ based yacht in Savusavu

June 27, 2018 5:00 am

A captain and two crew members of a New Zealand based yacht are now in custody following a search conducted by customs officials in Savusavu today.

A large quantity of a mix of different ammunition types was seized during the search.

This is the second search and arrest made on a yacht within four days.

Revenue and Customs Chief Executive Visvanath Das highlighted customs officers discovered a massive amount of drugs on an Australian based yacht over the weekend.

He adds customs officers have once again dutifully exposed another smuggling attempt.

Das says the customs is the first point of contact for all travel and transit at our borders and they take this responsibility seriously.

He says their intelligence and profiling processes determining high-risk vessels and collaborative efforts with the Police force and the Navy has led to this successful seizure.

He adds they will continue to work with local Border Agencies and Customs partners in New Zealand and Australia to ensure Fiji continues to develop best practice processes and procedures to combat illegal trade.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says Fiji continues to quash the notion that a small Pacific Island nation will not be able to effectively police its borders.

He adds the latest joint operation brings to the forefront the effectiveness of the interagency collaboration between law enforcement agencies both here in Fiji and with international law enforcement partners.

The Police Commissioner says the latest seizures and interceptions made at our points of entry shows the increased level of collaboration between all agencies involved.

Qiliho says the Police Force will continue to look at ways to improve the status quo so that those involved in these illegal trades will know that Fiji’s borders are being monitored.

Meanwhile, Police investigation continues into the latest ammunition find.