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Alleged rape trial continues for prison officers

July 25, 2017 12:35 am

It’s the second day of the trial of two former correction officers who are facing rape charges.

Ratu Meli Vatureba and Nasoni Kaburau are charged with one count of rape each.

They are alleged to have raped a female corrections officer in the early hours of September 18th, 2015.

The alleged offense took place within the Suva Remand Centre premises.

The alleged victim continued giving evidence to court this morning claiming both the accused had sexual intercourse with her without her approval.

Speaking in the itaukei language she said she tried stopping them but they did not listen to her.

The alleged offense took place in the early hours of a Friday morning however the matter was reported to court three days later.

The female officer was asked by the defense counsel on what took her so long to report to which she replied that she was waiting approval from the then Fiji Corrections Services Commissioner Ifereimi Vasu before filing a report with the Police.

The witness also said that she was affected emotionally and psychologically.

The second prosecution witness who is a Prisons Officer at the Korovou Prison was called in to describe what she saw when she met the alleged victim on the same day.

Alumeci Tuinabua has known the victim since 2014 and said on the day of the offense she woke up when she heard the complainant walking around in the room.

Tuinabua said there was mud all over the alleged victim’s clothes, her pants were wet and she was heavily intoxicated. 

The trial continues in the Suva High Court.