AG hits out at Naicker

May 14, 2022 8:33 am

The Attorney General has shot back at Sadasivan Naicker for undermining the leadership in government.

The former TISI Sangam Fiji President is a provisional candidate for the Peoples’ Alliance banner for this year’s General Election.

While being announced as a candidate, Naicker who is the former TISI Sangam Fiji President praised the 1997 Constitution and claimed that it addresses the security of Indo-Fijians. In the same breath, he attacked the leadership in government.

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The Peoples’ Alliance provisional candidate says his reason for joining Rabuka’s Party is because he rates Rabuka highly.

He says Rabuka believes in inclusiveness and certainly not a dictatorship.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in response, says Naicker had tried to stand for election before and had not been successful. He questions what the man has got to offer.

“Really he wants to make those kinds of the wild allegation, we all know it’s just stuff pulled out of the air but what is his policy, what is his policy for Fiji, what is his policy for the future, is that what they are all good at, just gossiping and making all shorts all wild allegation.”

Many Sangam members, according to Sayed-Khaiyum are now no longer supporting Naicker after he joins the coup leader of 1987.

“What is Sadasivan Naicker’s position on Rabuka who carried out the coup on 14 May 1987 justifying it completely on an ethnic base which led to discrimination of not only Indo Fijians but lots of other people too. Many members of Sangam would be astounded by the fact that Sadasivan Naicker has now joined a political party of which the leader is somebody who has created chaos in Fiji.”

Sayed-Khaiyum maintains that Naicker needs to come up with policies for the people and not baseless allegations.