Accessing treatment and medication challenging for cancer patients

May 12, 2022 6:00 am

Inaccessibility of medications affects cancer patients

Cancer patients are facing a major challenge in accessing treatment and medicine in the country.

Fiji Cancer Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan says they have received constant requests from members for assistance in these area.

“Running out of medical supplies, and this proves to be quite difficult for them, because then they reach out to us to see how we can assist.” We’re able to transport them to a hospital for their treatment, but they may not have the drugs in stock to actually administer the treatment, so it’s just accessibility.”

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The FCS is hoping to raise $60,000 from the Bushells Biggest Morning Tea event, which will be held over the next four months.

Chan says this will help with transport costs for FCS members as well as the procurement of oxygen concentrators for patients.

A total of 9,544 cases of cancer were registered between 2015 and 2020, with 4,394 deaths.

At the last count in 2020, there were 1487 cases recorded in the calendar year and 825 deaths.