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26 drivers arrested for drunk driving in the last 48 hours

October 29, 2017 12:23 am

Over the last 48 hours, twenty-six drivers were arrested for drunk driving.

Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says that despite the repeated requests for drivers to take heed of the dangers they pose to themselves and others when choosing to drive under the influence of alcohol, they continue to arrest drivers who are blatantly disregarding the warning.

Qiliho says from Friday to Saturday morning, sixteen drivers were arrested for drunk driving.

Thirteen were from the Southern Division while three were from the Western Division.

Qiliho says that what’s more troubling is that the 16 arrested, 11 are Provisional license holders.

He adds from Saturday to this morning a total of 10 drivers were again arrested for drunk driving.

Seven were arrested in the Southern Division with three were from the West.

Two persons arrested were again Provisional license holders.

Meanwhile, Qiliho says that 325 people have been arrested for drunk driving for the months of July to October.

Qiliho adds that in July 76 arrests were recorded, 45 for the month of August, 112 in September, and 92 so far in October not taking into account the 26 arrested in the last 48 hours.

The Police Commissioner reiterated that the country is entering the busy festive season and a time for merry making and they fear if people don’t change their perception and understand the dangers of drunk driving, then they are going to see more lives being lost on our roads.

Qiliho adds that they have already surpassed last year’s road death toll recording 54 deaths compared to 47 for the same period last year and hopes to keep this figure from rising even further.