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23 Polling venues now suspended due to inaccessibility

November 14, 2018 4:06 am

The Fijian Elections Office has now suspended polling at 23 Polling venues which is affecting 7,852 voters registered to vote in these areas spread across the Central, Eastern and Western Division.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem says given the worsening weather and the inaccessibility of the areas with flood waters rising, the FEO effective is exercising section 47 sub section two of the Electoral Act and closing these stations effective immediately.

“The Korovou area, number one, Delaikado FEO Shed, number two Natadrave FEO Shed, number three, Nasinu Community Hall, number four, Turagabeci Primary School, number five, Lodoni Primary School, number six, Naivicula District School, in the Rakiraki area, Korotale Mandir Hall, Raiwasa Community Hall, Namuaniwaqa Primary School, Mataso Primary School, Rewasa Community Hall, Nausori Technical School, Visama Sanatan Dharam Primary School, Naqeledamu Village School, Naqeledamu Village School, Nukutocia Village Shed in Levuka, Central Division, Naisogo Settlement FEO Ground Shed, Shantikettan Primary School.”

The remaining six polling venues adjourned are primarily from the Central division.

“We’ve agreed to adjourn the following polling places for polling on the next feasible date as determined and will be advertised by the Fijian Elections Office and the Electoral Commission, the Polling Stations are as follows: Navuniivisau Community Hall, Krishna Janaradhan School, Logani Community Hall, Matacaucau Community Hall, Gram Sangathan School, so these six venues have now been closed.”

Polling for these affected communities will now be rescheduled.

“Polling at these stations will commence at a later date which is feasible for polling and will be announced by the Fijian Elections Office in consultation with the Electoral Commission, sorry by the Electoral Commission in consultation with the Fijian Elections Office.”

Meanwhile Saneem clarifies that counting will continue as usual when polling closes tonight at 6pm.

He has also noted that all those who voted in these now suspended polling venues, they’re votes will be cancelled and they will have to revote at a later day.

The SOE adding that they will be given the 10 and half hours like today to be able to cast their vote.