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218 FEO Pre-poll staff to be deployed to the Eastern Division

November 4, 2018 12:50 am

The Fijian Elections Office pre-poll teams for the Eastern division left Suva this morning to carry out pre-polling which begins tomorrow.

Acting Director Strategic Development and Communications, Edwin Nand says with pre-polling starting tomorrow, 218 pre-polling staff will be boarding six vessels from today with the last one to leave on Tuesday.

He says these teams will be directed to various islands, especially to the Lau group.

” They will be election officials, they will set up polling venues and they’re presiding officers, we’ve got election officials who will be conducting their various roles such as the cue controller, we’ve got the pilot paper issuer and the ID officer. All the processes which are involved in pre-polling and polling day, these are the teams who will be conducting it.”

There was also a lot of police visibility at the Narayan Jetty and Government Shipyard in Walu Bay earlier today as officers accompanied pre-poll teams.

Nand says two police officers will accompany each team that is traveling out for pre-polling for safety and security reasons.

”So this morning were loading all our voting materials. We’ve got ballot boxes with all the materials which are sensitive and non-sensitive. We’ve got voting screens and everything necessary to conduct pre-polling during the pre-polling period from Monday right up to Friday."

Fijians can text their voter number to 1500 to find out their polling venue or check the FEO website for pre-poll schedules.