1.5 degrees target crucial: Dr Prasad

November 21, 2022 5:02 am

Dr Satyendra Prasad [Source: Fijian Government]

The very survival and the well-being of the Pacific Islands are contingent on not losing the 1.5 degree Celsius target says the Head of the Fijian delegation at the COP27.

Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr Satyendra Prasad says they are having crucial discussions to urge countries to do more towards reducing carbon emissions.

He says keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is the red line for the Pacific.

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He adds that some of the best economists have estimated that at 1.5 degrees Celsius countries like Fiji begin to lose 30 to 70 percent of their land-based economies and are no longer viable.

“We are very clear, and we are very direct and we are asking them if they themselves are to experience 50 percent loss of their economies would they agree to 2 degree or 2.5 Celsius degree and so we are fighting, we will keep on fighting. We will use all diplomatic tools at our disposal, we will create consensus.”

He adds they are pleased that Australia and New Zealand share their view.

Prasad says they will grow collisions around 1.5 degree Celsius.