Mike King issues heartfelt apology to daughter Alex King

September 23, 2022 8:33 am

The King's have departed Celebrity Treasure Island. [Source: NZ Herald]

The Kings have departed Treasure Island but Mike King is still vying for something.

His daughter Alex King’s forgiveness.

King Snr announced he was leaving TVNZ’s Celebrity Treasure Island in an explosive self-elimination round on Monday that left his fellow celebrities shocked but before he did that he revealed a secret alliance between himself, King Jnr and Melodie Robinson.

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The fallout of the admission left his daughter having to deal with some nasty comments from her teammates including Wellington Paranormal’s Karen O’Leary who told the radio host, “I think you could play the game without having to be a conniving, backstabbing twit.”

King Jnr ultimately left Treasure Island on Wednesday night and now that the “dust has settled”, King Snr has issued a public apology to his daughter.Advertise with NZME.

The apology comes after King Jnr revealed with a post on her Instagram story yesterday that she was being harassed online.

After she claimed many people had been making harmful comments toward her, she pleaded with them to stop.

She later responded to her father’s heartfelt post by reposting it on her Instagram story with the caption, “for those hounding me about my dad & I… here’s some words from him.”

Taking to social media the mental health advocate said, “Now that the dust has settled I would like to take this opportunity to thank my girl, Alex King for putting herself out there for all of NZ to see in the name of raising some $ for charity.”