John Ridley's Black Panther Teams With Namor to Fight the Avengers

November 29, 2022 10:46 am

[Source: CBR]

Two of the most bitter rivals in the entire Marvel Universe are about to join forces within the pages of John Ridley’s Black Panther.

In the upcoming Black Panther #13, T’Challa/Black Panther — who has found himself at odds with the Avengers — ends up doing battle with Earths Mightiest Heroes themselves.

The issue’s original solicitation teased an “unexpected ally” arriving to fight at T’Challa’s side. Marvel has now released artist Miguel Mercado’s spoiler variant cover for Black Panther #13, as well as an extended synopsis, revealing that said ally is none other than Namor.

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“The King of Wakanda and the King of Atlantis will cross paths again in January’s BLACK PANTHER #13, but this time, they may actually fight side-by-side!” The House of Ideas wrote in an official release.

“Writer John Ridley’s run on the title has found T’Challa removed from the Avengers, exiled from Wakanda, and on his own against a threat with deep ties to his past.

BLACK PANTHER #13 will depict a heated battle between T’Challa and the Avengers, and just when all seems lost, an unexpected ally arrives at the fray to stand at T’Challa’s side! ENTER NAMOR! The most bitter rivalry in Marvel Comics reaches a surprising turning point but will T’Challa accept Namor’s help or make him pay for the pain he’s inflicted on Wakanda in the past?”

The solicit for February’s Black Panther #14 offers a bit more information. “Battered and beaten after his grueling battle with Captain America, T’Challa has everything to prove and nothing left to lose,” it reads.

“So when Namor arrives on the scene, Black Panther is determined to make him pay for the pain he’s inflicted on Wakanda in the past.

But the terrorists of his making still loom large, and Namor never goes anywhere without a plan — and an angle…”

In the meantine, Black Panther #13 is currently scheduled to hit comic shops on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2023.

The issue comes from Academy Award-winning writer Ridley alongside artist Germán Peralta.

In addition to Mercado’s variant, the book features a main cover by legendary artist Alex Ross.