COVID surge is less severe: Fong

July 23, 2022 8:40 am

Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong. [File Photo]

The Ministry of Health states that community transmission of COVID-19 in Fiji is less severe.

Permanent Secretary, Doctor James Fong, says Fiji’s seven national seven-day average daily test positivity is now 5.5 percent.

This is above the World Health Organization’s recommendation of five percent.

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“The reason being that because you have gotten the vaccine, it has created a break in relationship between case and severe outcome. And so, if there are not many severe outcomes, increasing cases will not be as much of a concern. We have been watching the number of admissions and the level of severe cases. We’ve noted that the numbers are very, very low. “

Dr. Fong says the resurgence in COVID cases is happening in Fiji and around the world.

He adds that Fijians need to be smart with cognitive COVID-19 measures.

The PS says people need to know when to put on a mask and avoid areas that can be dangerous, especially crowded areas with poor ventilation.