Yachting industry to work with regional partners

August 8, 2022 4:10 pm

[File Photo]

Port Denarau Marina Limited is increasing its alliance with yachting industries within the region in an effort to attract more yachts to the Pacific.

Chief Executive, Cynthia Rasch says instead of looking at competitors as enemies, they have started to build alliances.

She says Fiji is now working with Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

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“Because of our track record in terms of how we have maintained our COVID status and how quickly the economy has bounced back, because of our blue lane initiative, and how we took care of yachts during the time when no one else was open, those have been very good contributing factors, and those have put us in the international arena.”

The industry expects an influx of yachts coming to Fiji this year.

The yachting industry currently contributes approximately sixty million dollars to the economy every year.