Vodafone Fiji launches new tagline

April 1, 2021 4:25 pm

Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad.

The partnership between technology and society can build a better future for a more inclusive and resilient society says Vodafone Fiji.

Keeping this in mind, Vodafone Fiji has repositioned its branding with a new tagline “Together We Can”.

Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad says with COVID-19, connectivity through mobile technology has been the ultimate saviour and a lifeline for the world, keeping people employed as they worked from home.

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He says technology also kept people socially engaged through the various online platforms whilst being in physical lockdowns.

He says Vodafone believes that technology can improve lives, and this new positioning builds further momentum to their purpose to connect for a better future and enable an inclusive, sustainable and resilient digital society.

“It is now more about connecting our people and technologies which will help us grow and sustain ourselves in the future. So that’s the reason why it is time that we look at the situation, look at the current impacts of the pandemic across the globe, and come up with something that is relevant to the people and how we can help our people through the help of technology.”

Prasad says their brand has evolved with time and advancements in technology to keep relevant with the changing consumer needs.

The new brand positioning comes into effect globally from today.