Vinod Patel overcomes major challenges

August 5, 2022 5:50 am

Vinod Patel and Company Limited

The largest hardware retail outlet in the country is satisfied with how it has absorbed the impacts of the pandemic and global supply challenges.

Like many other countries, Vinod Patel and Company Limited’s operations were affected by rising freight costs, delayed shipping and supply services as well as labor migration.

Chief Operations Officer, Neelesh Singh says the company reached out to existing and new suppliers to maintain business and also had to embark on a stringent training and recruitment program to sustain the loss of skilled and unskilled labor.

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“The freight costs and shipping delays over the COVID period affected everyone and we haven’t been spared. But we’ve got a very strong supply chain and I salute all our suppliers both local and overseas that they stepped up to the mark. We did face difficulties, there were challenges.”

Singh says the company has been able to work well with a strong network of suppliers in order to meet the demands of the industry, whether it be residential, commercial and industrial.