Tower Insurance invests in technology in Fiji

August 14, 2022 12:20 pm

Tower Insurance Chief Executive Blair Turnbull

Tower Insurance continues to invest in its technology to ensure they provide the best insurance services to every Fijian.

Chief Executive Blair Turnbull says they have recently spent $ 3 million alone in Fiji to launch the country and the Pacific’s first ever online quote-to-buy insurance experience in March.

Turnbull says in April, they also launched the signature My Tower platform in Fiji, giving customers the same service as their customers in New Zealand.

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“We see the opportunity in Fiji is to build capability here and we can take to other countries right across towns. So the ones that we do like are incentives that we can able to access that enable us to quickly start to accelerate some of those programmes. ”

He says they see the Pacific as an excellent test bed for new technology and product development.
Tower Insurance employs over 100 people in the Pacific and has more than 30,000 Pacific customers.