Tower Insurance invests in human resources

December 4, 2022 4:12 pm

A key driver of Tower Insurance’s ability to achieve growth is their focus on developing careers within their offices in Fiji and the Pacific.

Chief Executive, Blair Turnbull says they have created more than 50 new jobs this year.

Turnbull says they now have almost 120 employees in Fiji.

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“We made a promise to bring on and recruit about 20 new roles, we’ve done that. So, now we have about 120 people here in the team which is exciting and we’ve got plans for another 100 people.”

He says this is double the amount of employees in the last financial year.

Turnbull says this is part of their plan to create 100 new jobs in Fiji.

He says they will continue to invest in their Fiji hub to reach this milestone.

The CEO says they plan to welcome another 60 to 70 employees in Fiji, increasing the percentage of their Fijian-based workforce from 11% to 22% of their total group staff.

Tower Insurance has seen a breakthrough in their operations in Fiji and the Pacific during the 2022 financial year, with 71% increase in Fiji sales.