Tourism industry faces scarcity of skilled workers

June 27, 2022 4:53 pm

Hotels in the country are losing more and more skilled workers overseas.

The Fiji Hotels and Tourism Association says this is one of the industry’s biggest challenges at the moment.

Chief Executive, Fantasha Lockington says although programs like the Pacific Labor Scheme generate good remittances for Fiji, it’s creating a vacuum in the tourism industry.

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“People want to be able to look out for new experiences, but it leaves the industry, not only tourism but other industries as well, where we are now looking to fill these gaps.”

Lockington says most of their members are now left with amateur workers who often need a lot of training.

“To fill those gaps they had to do a lot of more training, hotels really are all about service, and if they’re spending a lot more time and effort and money going into more and more training then that just reduces their ability to concentrate on some of the things that they should be concentrating on.”

Tanoa International Hotel General Manager Daniel Roy says they are strengthening its employer-employee relationship.

“So we’ve been working closely with the Universities in Fiji with the likes of USP, the FNU other hospitality organizations to be available to work with them with the skills that the hotels actually need.”

Roy adds that trying to manage tourists during this peak period in the industry is difficult given the lack of skilled hotel workers they are currently facing.