Roadside business faces challenges

June 15, 2021 11:27 am

COVID-19 has caused major economic shocks and small scale roadside businesses that used to rely on motorists and passersby are now struggling.

Manoj Kumar has been selling pineapples and watermelon for thirteen years, but the last few months have been the hardest he’s ever been through.

He says his supplies that he used to get from Labasa and the West has also decreased.

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Kumar opens his stall at 7am and ends it at 5pm. Despite not having enough customers, he still chooses to operate every day.

“I have children at home and have to think about them as well, and money is needed every day in life so I have to operate.”

Kumar says his small business has never suffered this much, and he is hoping for things to get better in the near future so that business can pick up.