Post Fiji eShop accepts digital payments from BSP customers

August 13, 2021 2:46 pm

Post Fiji, has expanded its eShop offering to accept digital payments from BSP EasyCard holders.

This was made possible after its successful adoption of BSP’s Internet Payment Gateway.

With the challenges of the global pandemic, Post Fiji chief executive, Dr Anirudha Bansod says this is a timely enhancement to its e-channel.

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Bansod says every Fijian today is trying to adapt to the new normal, which includes social distancing, wearing a mask, and living in a much-restricted environment.

He adds this is also a fantastic opportunity for Post Fiji to raise its digital platform to another level by offering customers not only a shopping platform for groceries but also stationeries and many more.

According to Bansod with the enhancement of the ecommerce platform, Post Fiji is able to support the SME’s.

BSP Country Head, Haroon Ali has welcomed Post Fiji as the Bank’s latest IPG Merchant and says Fijians are the real winners here.