Paradise Beverages holds family fun day

October 1, 2022 4:01 pm

Paradise Beverages held a family fun day for its staff and their families after two and a half years of no-gathering and team bonding programs.

General Manager Sales and Corporate Affairs, Joe Rodan says the program aims to express the company’s appreciation to its staff for putting the hard yards despite challenges brought by the pandemic.

He says the past two and a half years weren’t easy for Paradise Beverages due to the pandemic and the hard work rendered by the staff deserves commendation.

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“One of our strategic pillars is getting our employees engaged. And this is one way that we see that we can get our employees engaged with their family, and also get their family to fully appreciate and understand the work meeting of whoever that’s working in the brewery.”

Inventory Control Department Staff, Salote Racule says this is also an opportunity for the staff to celebrate with their family members, as they have not had one in a while due to the pandemic.

The family fun day featured outdoor games, activities and food for both children and adults.

“For two years we’ve been going through a lot. There were a lot of restrictions, but thankfully we managed and with the great company they’ve managed to keep us even with COVID going on, we were able to continue with our work.”

Rodan says the staff spend most of their time at the office and the brewery and this is a great team-building exercise, to motivate people to perform better, and boost productivity.