Paradise Beverages back on strong footing

October 4, 2022 9:50 am

[Source: Paradise Beverages / Website]

Paradise Beverages has made a good turn-around in recent months, recording earnings a little above the pre-pandemic period.

General Manager Sales and Corporate Affairs, Joe Rodan says the demand from both the domestic and international markets have been overwhelming, particularly from the tourism industry, thanks to the timely opening of our international border last December.

He adds that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and forced Paradise Beverages to modify its business approach, but staff redundancies have always been the last option.

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“As a business, you got to formulate and implement plans to take you through that and that’s exactly what we did. We formulated and implemented plans to take us through the COVID era, bearing in mind our employees. Because the last thing we want is to lose our employees.”

Rodan expressed his appreciation to the government for enforcing the vaccination campaign.

“If the economy improves, your business will improve. So it’s important what strategies or policies the government puts in to improve the economy that will have a positive impact on the business and the employment of everybody in Fiji.”

The company currently employs around 400 staff, based in the Western, Northern, and Central Divisions.