PAFCO employs more Fijians as production increases

June 13, 2020 8:15 am

There is good news for Pacific Fishing Company Limited or PAFCO as its recording an increase in supply of albacore tuna.

Company Chair Iqbal Jannif says their key strategic partner, Bumble Bee has been able to obtain enough fish from suppliers and this has led to more jobs on the factory floor.

Jannif says PAFCO now employs 800 Fijians compared to 680 a few months back.

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“PAFCO has been for the last 10 days been working two shifts processing 120 tonnes per day instead of the usual 80 tonnes per day and this is going to continue through next week as well.”

Meanwhile, Jannif says the increase in supply cannot be used to measure PAFCO’s achievement by the end of its current operational period.