Outsource Fiji works on infrastructure needs of global companies

June 9, 2022 6:20 am

Outsource Fiji Executive Director, Shagufta Janif

Tapping into the $2.1 trillion outsourcing market will contribute to Fiji’s ongoing post-COVID recovery.

Outsource Fiji Executive Director, Shagufta Janif says they are working on the infrastructure needs of global companies to provide outstanding services, as this will also create jobs that leverage the young and highly educated workforce.

Janif says outsourcing Fiji is working hand-in-hand with the government.
She adds they are prioritizing areas of reforms that can help expand its external market.

”Apart from a talented workforce, we have the right infrastructure with Southern Cross cable coming into Fiji, so we are able to offer that support. We are quite competitive with other destinations, but we are promoting Fiji as a quality location. Definitely, there is a lot of work being done at the backend. We have developed our strategic plan and are continuously reviewing it and trying to see how we can fit in with investment Fiji and tap into those opportunities.”

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Janif says there is a high potential that the sector can attract multinational corporations to open global capability centres in Fiji.

According to the World Bank, developing the outsourcing services sector, along with the healthcare and agri-logistic industries, will accelerate digital transformation in Fiji.