No restructure at FDB

May 12, 2022 12:00 pm

Fiji Development Bank, Suva. [File Photo]

Fiji Development Bank CEO, Saud Minam has shot down reports of a restructure within the organization.

Minam has clarified that there is no restructure within FBD adding that the bank’s main focus is shifting their services to digital platforms.

He has also made it clear that a shift to digital platforms does not equate to a restructure or layoffs.

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“There is no major restructuring, there is no layoff, and there is nothing of that sort. Moving people from one department to another department we will be making sure that yes they continue to have a better career growth so that’s where we are looking at it and that is part of doing business on a day to day basis.”

The FDB CEO also highlighted progress in its assistance to farmers and entrepreneurs due to COVID-19.

[Fiji Development Bank CEO, Saud Minam]

“We have received about 15,000 applications and we have disbursed close to $61m out of that $200m so we have had some very good response and we feel very comfortable with the customer base we have. And we will continue to support the growth SME’s and the Agriculture sector.”

The Fiji Development Bank is also serving customers who may not have proper connectivity to move to digital services.