Navua market to be constructed next year

August 16, 2022 12:20 pm

Local Government Minister, Premila Kumar has confirmed the construction of the new Navua market will commence in the next financial year.

She says $200,000 has been allocated in this financial year to assist in the planning and designing of the new market so the proposal can be endorsed and factored into the 2023-2024 national budget.

Kumar stresses the new market will be constructed at the site where the Navua Police Station is currently located, to ensure the facility is conducive to the vendors and consumers.

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“So that’s how we were able to juggle and find a place where we can put up a Navua market. So that’s another interesting project. And I’m sure the people of Navua must be looking forward to it. Because the reason why we stayed in Navua last year was because of the difficulties the farmers and the vendors were facing in selling the produce. And a lot of them were struggling.”

Kumar says the Ministry is working closely with municipal councils to identify market facilities that need upgrading and to decentralize the service.