Ministry works to improve beef sector

October 2, 2022 7:36 am

Source: Ministry of Agriculture/Facebook]

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the genetics of cattle in the nation, the Ministry of Agriculture has released 14 improved breeders that were given to 11 cattle farmers at the Nacocolevu Research Station in Sigatoka.

While officiating the introduction of the improved cattle genetics, Minister for Agriculture Dr. Mahendra Reddy says the Ministry supports farmers through beef development programs.

Dr Reddy says this includes genetic improvement, the building of stockyards, and the distribution of fencing packages.

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“Currently we are producing about 4,000 tonnes of beef meat and progressing in five years’ time we can be 100 percent self-sufficient in beef cattle and it can also be exported to neighbouring countries.”

Dr Reddy says the introduction of the improved cattle breed is a significant turning point in the development of the cattle industry.

The Ministry of Agriculture had successfully tested new technology for transferring animal genetics, resulting in the introduction of two superior breeds to the country’s livestock industry.