Merchants caught charging transaction fee

November 9, 2021 3:00 am

[Source: MOZO]

Merchants are being warned not to impose transaction fees on the use of local debit or access cards via EFTPOS machines.

The Consumer Council of Fiji says merchants are not permitted to impose their own fee rules on local debit cards.

Recent complaints have revealed that traders are using this platform to profiteer at the expense of consumers.

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Chief Executive, Seema Shandil says those involved in these unscrupulous practices should take a hard look at how they conduct business.

“So there should not be any charge. Once it was brought to the Council’s attention, the merchant went ahead and returned the extra charge but this should not be the case. There is no surcharge that is supposed to be there- the merchants should not impose any charges to consumers for the use of their debit card”.

Association of Banks Chair, Rakesh Ram says they are aware of the issue and is urging Fijians to report any such matter.

“And it is absolutely right that no merchants should be charging fees on EFTPOS for local debit cards. The banks have created public awareness on this matter through newspapers and media channels that no fees is applicable on local debit cards for EFTPOS.”

Consumers have been urged to be vigilant and check their receipts for any surcharges on the use of their local debit/access cards.