Major increases in fuel prices

April 30, 2022 7:50 am

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New fuel and LPG prices will come into effect from Sunday.

Motor Spirit will cost $3.02 per litre – a jump of 0.25 cents, Diesel will retail at $2.85 per litre after a 0.46 cent increase, Premix will increase by 0.29 cents to sell at $2.88 per litre and Kerosene will increase to $2.33 per litre – up by 0.49 cents.

A 4.5kg Cylinder of gas will sell at $18.51 after a 0.40 cent increase, a 12kg Cylinder increases by $1.05 and will cost $49.35, bulk gas increases to $3.81 and Autogas will retail at $2.55.

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Fijian Commerce and Consumer Commission Chief Executive Joel Abraham says the war in Ukraine has caused significant disruption to the global fuel market and as a result, fuel prices have seen dramatic shifts.

He adds Fijians should prepare for higher fuel prices as the war continues and escalates.

Fiji’s fuel price review follows a one-month lag period and as such, prices are based on imports made in March 2022 by fuel companies.