Labasa Sugar Mill rounds up crushing season

December 5, 2022 4:20 pm

The Labasa Sugar Mill has rounded up its 2022 crushing season.

While no official figures have been released on the amount of cane crushed this season, Chief Guest Tui Nadogo Ratu Ilisaniti Malodali says the mill has achieved its crush target.

At the beginning of the season, the mill estimated it would crush in excess of 600,000 tonnes of cane.

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Malodali thanked the Fiji Sugar Corporation for their service to farmers during the crushing season and urged them to continue to work together.

Labasa Mill Manager, Michael Faktaufon says there is always room for improvement for their targets and general operation.

“We’re coming to an end of another season. Once we close this chapter, we open another one for the new season. We have had difficult times but we know the lessons learnt from where we move on from this year should be something for us to work together and continue the legacy of the whole Labasa team.”

It will take several more days before crushing is fully stopped, as they have to crush cane in stockpiles.