Fiji marketed as best outsourcing destination

May 24, 2022 4:07 pm

[Source: MCTTT / Facebook]

The 22nd ‘Shared Services and Outsourcing’ week has given Fiji an opportunity to showcase what it has to offer as a premier outsourcing services destination.

The event is underway in Portugal.

Commerce and Trade Minister, Faiyaz Koya says the platform helps strengthen the Fijian brand, especially with an increase in interest from renowned businesses in Europe.

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Koya adds with the government’s support, Fiji is growing into a hub for outsourcing services.

“We have got almost 7,000 seats and we are looking to expand it. We have a young population which is really good for this sector. We want to grow and ensure worldwide notice not just the Asia Pacific region.”

Koya says it also helps attract new investments essential for the sustainable growth of the industry and new jobs for Fijians.

He adds Australia’s Market Development Facility has also partnered with Fiji to boost these efforts.