FCCC announces bus fare reduction

July 31, 2022 11:20 am

[File Photo]

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced a 10 percent reduction in bus fares for all stages, effective tomorrow.

The new bus fares will be in effect for the next six months.

The fare for Stage One will be reduced from $1.02 to 92 cents.

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Stage Two fare will be reduced from $1.61 to $1.45.

Stage Three fare, which currently stands at $2.21 will be reduced to $1.99 and Stage Four fare will be reduced to $2.34 from the current $2.60.

The new fares will also apply in Vanua Levu.

In Taveuni, the fare for Stage one will reduce from $1.02 to 92 cents, and Stage Two fare reduces from $1.95 to $1.76.

Stage Three fare will reduce from $2.34 to $2.11.

The FCCC will be closely monitoring bus companies to ensure the reduced fares are passed on to the travelling public.