Farmers say guaranteed cane price will help them save

July 21, 2021 7:02 am

A number of cane farmers in the Western Division say the $85 per tonne guaranteed price will be a huge help for them.

With crushing well underway for the Lautoka and Ba Mills, Lomolomo Sardar, Mohammad Janif says they were hoping for the announcement on Friday as the forecast price was not enough.

“It’s good news to us and all the Growers in our gang and they are all very happy. At least we save something from that $85 because harvesting is there and everything we paying off after that we still get something.”

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However, Janif says even when the forecasted price of $54.36 was announced earlier, they still went ahead and harvested as it was vital to get the mill running.

Rarawai Penang Cane Producers Association Jinend Singh says farmers are thankful for the reassurance from the Government.

Singh says they are also grateful for the help to the farmers in the form of fertilizer subsidies and the help for planting more cane.