Effective measures ensured Fiji’s stability

July 2, 2022 12:50 pm

Sri Lankan Economist Dumith Fernando.

Sri Lankan Economist Dumith Fernando says the number of well-thought-out measures taken by the Fiji Government helped steer the way through choppy waters.

Speaking during the Reserve Bank of Fiji’s seminar, Fernando says that based on reports available about the country, Fiji is in a comfortable position, despite the effects of the global crisis and the aftershocks of the pandemic.

“Fiji you were five months before the pandemic and now you are at eight months now I looked again just desktop research I haven’t delved into it that came from some strong fixing in debt that you took for someone like me who is following finical markets that was a very smart move because as I said earlier you are going to have an incredibly difficult time all emerging markets are going to have a difficult time raising debt in this environment.”

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Fernando says that compared to the current Sri Lankan economy, Fiji is on a much better footing.

He also states that another major mistake the Sri Lankan Government did was printing 1.2 trillion rupees which further increased inflation in the country.

Fernando hopes Fiji will not make the same mistake.