Eco-Challenge Fiji makes millions for Fiji

August 19, 2020 6:36 am

Trade Minister Faiyaz Koya and Film Fiji Acting Chief Executive Jone Tikoca.

Thirty point six million dollars was injected into the Fijian economy last year from the production of the World’s Toughest Race – The Eco-Challenge Fiji.

Trade Minister Faiyaz Koya says the revenue generated was in addition to the eighty-six million dollars’ worth of new economic activity.

Koya says production has greatly benefitted Fijians particularly, those in rural and maritime areas.

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He also believes Fiji’s geographical outlook has attracted many overseas film and media companies to our shores.

“The production of Eco-Challenge Fiji is a positive sign that Fiji is capable of hosting major international productions. While we are no stranger to reality TV series being filmed here, the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji had camera crews following 66 teams from 30 countries 24/7 across 671km of some of Fiji’s roughest terrain.”

A number of Fijians were employed during the production of  The Eco-challenge Fiji.

Film Fiji Acting Chief Executive Jone Tikoca states they’re optimistic that more such productions will be done locally once border restrictions ease.

“Around the trek from Lutu, Wainimala, up to Navala in Ba. So within those four main base camp, another 300 locals who are members of those community actually work for the production.”

Ten episodes of the World’s Toughest Race – Eco-Challenge Fiji began premiering on Amazon Prime Video from last Saturday.

It showcases Fiji’s adventurous tourism industry to an estimated 150 million subscribers in over 200 countries.