International connectivity restored in Tonga

January 20, 2022 7:05 am

Digicel has managed to restore international calls connectivity in Tonga.

Digicel’s technical team in Tonga and Fiji have worked hard to get the calls connectivity back up via a satellite link.

Digicel Regional CEO, Shally Jannif, says they gave this work the highest priority and their technical team has had sleepless nights over the past few days in trying to restore vital communications in Tonga.

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All communications to the outside world from Tonga got cut off on Saturday, following a violent volcanic eruption that damaged the undersea cable.

Jannif highlights there are two separate undersea cable breaks in Tonga and it’s forecast that repair might take a few weeks with the ship, CS Reliance on its way to Tonga.

She says until this is fully restored Digicel network services will not be fully backed up.

She adds Digicel Tonga will give out FREE SIMs from today, so the people can connect with their family and friends overseas.